VVG Grip Controller

Sega Saturn Twin-Stick / Hori HSS-0151

In 1996, Hori released (exclusively in Japan) the Sega Saturn "Twin Sick" controller.  Built specifically for, and only sold packaged with, the Saturn port of Virtual On: Cyber Troopers.  The controller features two ASCII pistol-grip joysticks, each with independent triggers, and thumb buttons.  

The HSS-0151 is very well suited as a donor for this custom VVG Grip Controller.  The housing has removable steel top and bottom plates which can be easily machined for adding additional controls (or moving existing controls), and the placement of the joystick is inboard and upward enough, to allow enough room for you to comfortably rest your wrists on its control panel while playing.  Most candy cabinet controls will fit with only minor, or no modifications, but due to it's shallow depth, most "vintage" style arcade controls will not fit.  


2019 - Quantity (1) "PROTOTYPE"

ASCII 8-way pistol grip joystick w/trigger button

Ultimarc goldleaf pushbuttons (2) - red, light blue

Edladdin I/O board w/keypad & custom overlay

Arcade cabinet inspired CPO

Marquee artwork